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MEREDITH DURAN grew up enamored of British history. At thirteen years old, she made a list of life goals that included writing romance novels, trying sushi, and going to London to see Holbein's portraits of the Tudor court. She is now happy to report that all three goals have become her favorite things to do. When not writing, she enjoys reading, teaching, knitting, weightlifting, baking, painting (alas, poorly), a full-fledged internet addiction, and the hunting and collecting of dusty travelogues written by nineteenth-century Englishwomen.


What’s next for you?

My next novel will hit the shelves on February 28, 2017. After writing several books set in the 1880s, A Lady’s Code of Misconduct took me back to the world of my debut novel: mid-Victorian England.

Are you ever going to write the story of Lord Lockwood, first introduced in The Duke of Shadows?

Ask me this again once you’ve finished reading A Lady’s Code of Misconduct. (Now picture me trying to hide a smile.)

Are any of your books connected?

Yes! Your Wicked Heart (an e-novella released in December 2012) kicked off a new series, The Rules for the Reckless, which continued in February 2013 with the first full-length novel in the series, That Scandalous Summer. The sequel, Fool Me Twice, followed in April 2014; Lady Be Good and Luck Be a Lady are the third and fourth in the series. Also, two other of my books are related: the events in Bound by Your Touch and Written on Your Skin take place simultaneously. While ostensibly this means that you can read them in whichever order you prefer, some readers have told me that it’s better to read Bound by Your Touch first. Since I wrote BBYT first, that makes sense to me!

I’m in the UK / Australia / India / a Commonwealth country, and I can’t find your ebooks anymore! What happened?

My American publisher sold the UK and Commonwealth rights to Headline Eternal, which began publishing my entire backlist in September 2014!

How did you get published?

Through an extremely rare and peculiar confluence of celestially-timed events. Or, put more plainly: dumb luck. My path to publication was quite unusual. You can read more about it in a piece I wrote for Dear Author.

Do you have any advice for me about how I might get published?

The answer to the last question goes far in explaining why I feel I am one of the least qualified published writers to dispense advice to writers seeking publication! But I do know of some amazing resources for folks with aspirations to publication. No matter what kind of book you write, the Absolute Write forums are an extraordinary resource. If you write young adult fiction, the Verla Kay boards are wonderful (and fun to lurk at even if you don’t write YA. Ahem). Last but definitely not least, if you write romance, you should become a member of Romance Writers of America. Chances are, there’s an RWA chapter near you, full of your future friends and fellow romance readers and writers.

Where do you get your ideas?

I adore reading books on social history. (To wit: on my desk right now is Amanda Vickery’s latest book about Georgian England.) Also of interest: old memoirs, published diaries, ancient yellowing Baedekers travel guides... you name it, if it’s a book about how people lived and dressed and traveled and spoke more than one hundred years ago, I’ll eagerly snatch it up and retreat to a corner for the next four hours. These books yield details that sometimes spring into full-fledged plots.

Less heroically, there’s also my penchant for very cheesy pop music. To be perfectly serious, I owe several of my ideas to the Top 40! The acknowledgments for Wicked Becomes You really should have included Pink, for her immortal classic, “So What?”